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Other Challenges, Obstacles & Mistakes Men Make with Asian Girls

Besides the list of common mistakes men make with Asian women in the previous post. There are other challenges, obstacles and more mistakes that men make with Asian girls. To give you an idea on what are these things, read on… Don’t Get Frustrated If She Plays “Hard To Get.” So let’s say you meet a cute Asian girl and…

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The Kitten And The String

When I coach men on how to be more attractive to women, I often use an analogy: “the kitten and the string.” Imagine dangling a piece of string over a kitten, just out of its reach. How does the kitten react? It will jump up on its hind legs and try with all its might to get its paws on…

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Teasing Asian Girls, Escalating & Being The Prize

The Openers and scenarios explained in previous posts usually refer to meeting girls in situations where you have to work quickly—such as during the daytime. You don’t want to spend an hour talking to a girl you meet on a street corner or in a coffee shop. You want to Open her, plant seeds, get her contact info, and move…

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