Author: Dean Cortez

Dean Cortez is an international playboy and the creator of "Mack Tactics," which is widely considered to be the #1 system ever created for creating attraction with women and achieving your ultimate dating life.

Tips for Picking up Girls at Bars

Tips for Picking up Girls at Bars   Going to bars could be a worthwhile experience if you want to meet girls who are also there to meet guys like you. However, if you want to be noticed by the girls, you have to create an impression as soon as you open the door and cross over the threshold. When…

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Chinese Mail Order Brides

chinese mail order brides Chinese Girls for Marriage at Chinese Dating Sites The Chinese service of dating will connect to you with your other half on line. But you always meet this special person in head with head to make sure that you like it or him. The online service of dating is right a tool so that you seek….

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Did You Know This About Fafsa?

Ken asks… FAFSA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!? HI, what should i do if i put in an email into the fafsa application for last year, that i dont currently have, will they send all of the renewal information to the wrong one? what is the best way to notify them as soon as possible, and have them send it to the right email…

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Chat With Girls

chat with girls How To Chat Up Girls Asian Girls How to Chat to Girls on Facebook Okay – so, you are online. And SHE is online. And you are waiting, and waiting and waiting – to get your confidence to approach her. OR you are harassing and boring her to death with dumb questions that will get her to…

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